About Us


The Founders

Wisdom Spring, which partners with Walking for Water, was founded by African native Sobonfu Some alongside Susan Hough. Sobonfu was born and raised in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and lived in constant fear of water deprivation. Susan Hough found Sobonfu through her writing, and was inspired from her stories. Together, they founded Walking for Water, raising money to build wells in Africa.


The Mission

Walking for Water raises money to build wells in Africa and other countries, to support families that are without clean and accessible water.

When you participate in a walk, you are donating to the cause as well as bringing yourself closer to understanding what it is like for those who walk 20 miles a day for water.


What We've Accomplished

Walking for Water has built 26 wells in Africa, and one in India. Each well supports 1000 people. We hope to expand our reach to all areas in need.

About Us

Tuscarora Science National Honor Society and Walking for Water Chapter


The Tuscarora High School Science National Honor Society works alongside non-profit Wisdom Spring to spread awareness about the threatening water crisis in West Africa and other locations worldwide. Women and children are forced to walk miles every day in desperate conditions in order to have access to insufficient amounts of unsanitary water. Our club strives to end this crisis and spread awareness about these rapidly deteriorating conditions throughout the world. We raise money to build wells in these rural villages. Over the past years, we have put in over 29 wells in West Africa and India (with Nepal in the near future). Our mission is to increase this number yearly and provide sanitary drinking water to ameliorate the lives of these individuals. Based in Loudoun County VA, our club hosts events, sells merchandise, and raises awareness around the water shortage. Working alongside local businesses, we collaborate to bring recognition of the water shortage within our community. 

Join Us On Our walk in loudoun VA or Laguna Beach CA

Organizations Behind the fight for water

Tuscarora High School


Our home school for Walking for Water on the East Coast


Wisdom Spring


Overall Organization that helps people internationally get clean water.


Laguna Beach High School


Our home school for Walking for Water on the West Coast